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NIT Safety Protocols


Our borders are open, come and visit!

After 6 months of various stages of lockdown, we are gradually moving towards a “new normal”, we have our Covid-19 infections under control and we, as a country, seem to have weathered the storm and are down to very few new infections per day.
Namibia has been taken off Germany’s Robert Koch Institute black-list and off the Swiss BAG list, meaning that tourists from these countries can visit Namibia and return safely without having to quarantine on their return.

Airlines are starting to fly to Namibia again.
Air Ethiopia’s first flight via Addis Ababa landed in Windhoek on 11 September. They have 3 flights scheduled per week and are convenient if you can fly from Frankfurt, Geneva or Vienna.
The first Eurowings flight from Frankurt to Windhoek arrived on Sunday 20 September and they too have 3 scheduled flights to Windhoek per week.
Regional flights are also starting up again soon with Westair, Air Namibia and SA Airlink planning flights from Johannesburg and Cape Town to Windhoek by the end of October 2020.

What is happening in Namibia?

Since 17 September, Namibia is back to a “new normal”, meaning that one can travel around the country without any trouble and that the lodges are again open for business. The only rules that apply are that people should observe social distancing and that they should wear a mask when in public and not gather in groups large than 50 people.
Namibia as a country has a total of not more than 2000 active Covid-19 cases. This works out to not more than one Covid-19 case per 400 sq km. We average around 70 new Covid-19 cases per day meaning that the virus seems to be under control, and as we enter our hot summer months, we expect the new infections to decrease even more.

Entry and travel regulations for tourists:

1 You would fill in the health questionaire found here and bring it along when you arrive in Namibia(we will send you this questionaire)
2 Tourists entering Namibia should observe all Covid-19 infections Control Measures as any other travelers. You should arrive with a Covid-19 negative test not older than 72 hours. Once in Namibia and Covid negative, guests will not need to do a Covid test while here, i.e you can get on with it and enjoy your holiday.
3 You should have travel insurance covering medical care or an unexpected extended hotel stay.
4 You should procure a local sim card at the airport(we will provide you with this on arrival).
5 You should not use public transport(we will collect you at the airport).

Safety First-Namibia Individual Travel is ready for the new normal

After fulfilling the various requirements for safety measures and protocols of the World Travel and Tourism Council, we are one of the first tour operators in Namibia to be awarded the Safe Travels Stamp. We have put various hygiene and safety protocols in place for our guest safety. These can be found on our website

Namibia is as beautiful as before, possibly more beautiful as the roads and parks have been quiet, giving the animals time for themselves, to rest, increase their numbers and to fatten up for the time they will be doing photo shoots again…they are more beautiful than ever!
Make contact and let us convince you to visit us soon….