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Covid update

Image Namibia Covid-19 update 18 June 2021

Even though Namibia has made vaccinations available to all of its citizens, the uptake has been slow and the winter temperatures have resulted in an unwelcome increase in covid infections. The Namibian government has decided to act on this and as a result, they have implemented a number of strict regulations for the local citizens to adhere to.

As Windhoek accounts for more than 50% of the infections, the government has decided to limit travel in and out of the region for Namibian citizens. Tourists are exempt from these restrictions and may travel on a pre-booked tour to all of the areas in Namibia. Even though other restrictions apply, none of these effect tourist travel, as lodges, hotels and restaurants may operate as usual.

The restrictions include a curfew between 22:00-04:00 and gatherings of no more than 10 people at indoor and outdoor events. For all intents and purposes, our guests may arrive in Namibia and travel on their safari holiday as planned.

The areas that are affected are the roads traveling from and to Hosea Kutako International Airport, Windhoek, Okahandja and Rehoboth but tourists are exempted from the restrictions, provided they have a negative covid, their passport and a pre-booked travel itinerary with them.

It is important to note that our tourism industry has been leading the vaccination drive in Namibia, meaning that many of the lodges and guests establishments have staff that are vaccinated. Most of our staff at Namibia Individual Travel have been vaccinated meaning that with all contact you have with us, our drivers and our guides, you will be dealing with vaccinated Namibians. Most, if not all of the guests at the lodges and hotels are foreigners who would have to have arrive with a negative covid test result and apart from this, 90% of the guests we currently receive have been vaccinated.

Namibia has had a low covid infection rate until quite recently when children returned to school after the holidays, at the start of a very cold. The majority of the infections are at schools and in the capital city of Windhoek. As most of our safaris travel far into the unpopulated nature areas, we tend to travel away from the towns and more populated areas.

We maintain a strict covid safety policy meaning that we only send our guides on safari with a negative covid test, we wear our masks, wash our hands regularly and sanitize the car and equipment on a daily basis.

In conclusion we would like to assure you that we make every effort for you to experience a safe and enjoyable holiday to Namibia during these trying times. We do recommend that you get vaccinated before you travel internationally but this is a decision that all have to make for themselves.

We look forward to welcome you in Namibia real soon!