Namibia individual travel
NIT Safety Protocols


Covid-19 update January 2021

Image Tourism travel in Namibia is currently unrestricted. We have guests in all corners of the country, they are enjoying the warm summer weather and quiet roads and a little rain. Over the past year we have had very few lodge closures. As we have a limited number of airlines flying to Namibia and because the world is experiencing a second Covid-19 wave of infections, there are much fewer travelers in Namibia than usual. This means that the country is quiet, there is not much traffic, the advantage for those visiting during these times means that they have the country almost to themselves.

Namibia is the second least populated country in the world, it is full of nature but short of population. One really does meet very few people along the way meaning that social distancing almost happens without even trying. Sticking to the rules, sanitizing your hands regularly and wearing your mask means that the likelihood of Covid-19 infection is low.
Travelers to Namibia must present a negative Covid-19 test result that is not older than 7 days. The period of 168 hours is reckoned from the time the sample is taken. Namibia has an effective and efficient Covid-19 testing system meaning that once you are here, it is easy and quick to arrange and do a Covid-19 test for your return trip, if this is required by your home country or your airline.

Currently travel to Botswana and to Zambia is possible from Namibia. There is a well-organized Covid-19 testing facility at Pathcare in Katima Mulilo, which mean that with planning in advance, there should be no problem to cross the border into either Botswana or Zambia. The crossing from Botswana to Zambia should also not be a problem as there are Covid-19 testing facilities in Kasane and a free testing option at the Kazangula border post.

Below are some of the airlines flying to Namibia and South Africa currently. There may be more in the near future.

Airlines currently flying to Windhoek, Namibia:
Ethiopian Airlines from Europe via Addis Ababa 3 x per week
Eurowings/Lufthansa from Frankfurt to Windhoek 3 x per week
Airlink and Westair Aviation from Johannesburg to Windhoek
Airlink and Westair Aviation from Cape Town to Windhoek

Airlines currently flying to Johannesburg, South Africa:
Lufthansa from Frankfurt to Johannesburg 5 x per week
Swiss from Zurich to Johannesburg 2 x per week

Airlines currently flying to Cape Town, South Africa:
Lufthansa from Frankfurt to Cape Town 3 x per week

Airlines currently flying to other destinations in southern Africa:
Johannesburg to Maun with Airlink 3 x per week
Johannesburg to Lusaka, Zambia with Airlink, daily flights