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Bike tour from the deserts of Namibia to the fairest Cape, August 2018

What a special experience, the tour included visits to the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, the Fish River Canyon, the Orange River, Springbok and the Namaqualand, the Cederberg mountains, the West Coast National Park, the Cape winelands and Cape Town.

Day 1:
Arrival in Windhoek. Booked in at the Vineyard Country Lodge. Bike preparation time, all in order and then off to Joes for the first fun night out.

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Day 2:
Cruising along the Auob River via Stampriet to Auob Lodge. Quiet country roads, no traffic with lonely farmsteads and Kalahari scenery. Stampriet is famous for the fruit and vegetable produced here. Definitely the finest watermelons this side of the equator.

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Day 3-5:
Biking to the border of the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, home to lion, leopard and cheetah. Dinner at the campsite was a culinary highlight, definitely a Michelin Star! Wildlife viewing in Kgalagadi was exceptional. The waterholes are all along two riverbeds, the Auob and Nossob Rivers. One is guaranteed a large variety of antelope and other animals and every now and then a cat sighting, we were lucky to spot lion and leopard.

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Day 6:
Across the country to Savanna Guestfarm. Biking on gravel roads through the Kalahari dunes, a unique experience. Savanna Guestfarm, the old building an original "Schutztruppe" residence. Biking the Groot Karasberge was good fun, scenic and good firm terrain to bike.

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Day 7:
To the Fish River. The various Gondwana Lodge offer great hospitality. We booked into the Canyon Village. Great food and even better wine. Biking the road from Grunau to the lodge was a blast, wide open spaces, and a variety of wildlife. The final 10 km were a battle against the west wind, a challenge of note but rewarding to make it to the end and a fine sundowner.

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Day 8+9:
Biking down the valleys west of the Fish River Canyon to Aussenkehr and the Orange River. Downhill racing. Great fun, no traffic, huge open spaces. The grape farms an endless sea of green, a harvest that feeds grapes to half of Europe. The Orange River at Felix Unite was a thrill to raft, the silent mass of water, rugged mountains along the way, a variety of waterbirds to see.

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Day 10+11:
Naries Namakwa near Springbok. Great hospitality, great food and amazing wine. Biking the nature reserve at Naries was a thrill, a single trails of note, rocky challenges, Rolf was in his element. We biked the Goegap Nature Reserve. Fun and challenging trails, a flower paradise and home to more than 45 different mammal species and around 100 bird species.

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Day 12+13:
Sanddrif Holiday Cottages at Cederberg Wines. Biking up into the mountains was like biking into the world above the clouds. The smell of Fynbos, numerous mountains streams, mountains towering over us, this piece of paradise is worth a weeks visit. We biked trails around Cederberg wines and spent time tasting some of the finest wines at the tasting room.

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Day 14:
And across to the West Coast, we spent a night at the very cool Farmhouse Hotel in Langebaan. We hit Pearly's seafood restaurant with a vengeance, armed with a variety of wine bottles from the Cederberg which they kindly allowed us to drink. A real "local" joint, I recommend without hesitation. We biked into the West Coast National Park. A beautiful nature area along the Atlantic Ocean. Scenic, full of interesting plant and animals and a serious sea view all along the way.

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Day 15-17:
The Bay Hotel at Camps Bay, a real treat after traversing the country from Namibia to Cape Town. Perfectly situated overlooking the beach. We explored Cape Point, hiked up Table Mountain(we avoided the long queues and were on top in a surprisingly short time). We biked the trails at Boschendal Wine Estate and chilled for hours at the Waenhuis Deli, enjoying fine food and some seriously fine wines.

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The culinary highlight hit us at on the final night. The Chefs Table at the Mount Nelson was a treat of note. The table set deep in the hotel's famous kitchen, we were treated to a degustation menu of note. Fine food, fine wine, each course presented to us by a different chef and accompanied by a perfectly suited wine.