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Day 1: Arrival in Windhoek

Arrival at Windhoek International Airport. There we will be met by our tour guide and driven to Windhoek. In the afternoon we explore the historic and cultural highlights of Namibian capital during a city tour. We visit buildings like the Christ Church, Tintenpalast (German for Ink Palace – the house of parliament) and “Alte Feste” where the German colonial past is clearly visible. We enjoy dinner at the well-known Joe’s Beerhouse.
(Travel time: approx. 45 min.)
Guesthouse Casa Piccolo (BB)

Day 2: Drive to the Naukluft Mountains
Today's journey takes you to the Naukluft Mountains via Rehoboth, Klein Aub and Büllsport. The Naukluft Mountains are part of the high rising escarpment which marks the western edge of the interior highlands of Namibia. The flat, plateau like top of the mountain complex is separated from the adjacent highland plateau to the south by impressive near vertical cliffs, while in the north west and west its highest peaks loom almost a thousand meters above the plains of the Namib. After we have settled in we might want to go on a first relaxed trail to explore this unique landscape and to prepare ourselves for the adventure awaiting us the next day.
(Travel time: approx. 5 hrs, walking time: approx. 1-2 hrs)
Naukluft Camp (DBB)

Sossusvlei AdventureDay 3: Naukluft Mountains
After breakfast we are well strengthened to go on a hike in the Namib Naukluft Park. The area of the Naukluft Mountains offers deep gorges, caves, and bubbling springs. The trail leads to the plateau and the Quiver Tree Gorge. Along the way we see many antelopes, with some luck even the rare Hartman´s mountain zebra.
(walking time: approx. 7 bis 8 hrs)
Naukluft Camp (DBB)

Day 4: Visit to Sossusvlei
Today we get up before sunrise. The landscapes allow us to imagine what awaits us during the next few days. The incredible vastness of the Namib desert with scattered hills and dunes. The drive to Sossusvlei we experience in a fascinating dreamscape. The high sand dunes shimmer golden, yellow and red on one side, but are dark and shady on the other side. We walk to Sossusvlei and Deadvlei and then have the opportunity to climb the "Big Daddy"? It is one of the highest sand dunes in the world with approximately 300 meters in height and a great challenge! Before we leave the park, we still visit the Sesriem Canyon. Then the journey continues north to Rostock Ritz Desert Lodge. We can relax by the pool and at sunset go on a hike to the local mountain.
(Travel time: approx. 5 hrs, walking time: approx. 3 hrs, incl. local mountain at Rostock)
Rostock Ritz Desert Lodge (BB)

Day 5: Drive to the Atlantic coast
We drive through the Ghaub- and Kuiseb Canyon and the central Namib Desert. Along the way we see ostriches, but perhaps also springbok, zebra or Oryx. We take a walk around the Blutkuppe, a granite island mountain in the middle of the desert. We climb a hill and have a wonderful view of the vastness of the Namib. Then it goes to the Atlantic coast to Swakopmund. Located in the center of Swakopmund, we check into our rooms located close to the sea in the Swakopmund Sands Hotel. We enjoy dinner in a restaurant next to the sea. Full of all the impressions today we are likely to sleep well in the cool night air, hearing the sound of the Atlantic in the background.
(Travel time: approx. 4-5 hrs, walking time: approx. 3-4 hrs)
Swakopmund Plaza Hotel (BB)

Day 6: Catamaran Tour
Early in the morning we drive to Walvis Bay and take a very interesting "Dolphin & Seal Cruise" with the Catamaran. We will certainly see hundreds of seals, possibly dolphins, pelicans and flamingos. In the afternoon we again have time visit shops in Swakopmund, or to enjoy a piece of cake in one of the German cafes. It's worthwhile to visit the museum, which clearly the depicts the history and the different cultures of Namibia. The sea aquarium and the snake park are also interesting.
(Travel time: approx. 1 hr)
Swakopmund Plaza Hotel (BB)

Day 7: Drive to the Erongo Mountains
ErongoWe say goodbye to the sea and to Usakos to the Erongo mountains. In the West we see the majestic Spitzkoppe, Namibia's so-called Matterhorn, which rises 600 meters out of the plane. En route to our campsite for the night we visit the Ju/´Hoansi San, who will give us an insight into their traditional life. We learn about their hunter-gatherer culture, their specialized hunting techniques, rituals but also about their funny games.
After a leisurely picknick-lunch we go on an interesting walk between the bizarre granite rock formations of the mighty Erongo Mountains and past several rock art sites.
(Travel time: approx. 3.5 hrs, walking time: approx. 3- 4 hrs)
Erongo Rocks Campsite (FB)

Day 8: Drive to Damaraland
Our journey continues to north west Namibia, passed Namibia’s highest mountain, the Brandberg arriving at the Twyfelfontein area. Famous for the World Heritage Site, the Twyfelfontein rock engravings, the area is also home to desert-adapted elephant and one of Namibia’s most beautiful landscapes. An area of unique geology, an ancient petrified stone desert with a wall of volcanic mountains to the north, this vast area is unique and special to walk and offers so much to discover, from the small Namaqua chameleon to the tall giraffe and imposing desert elephant. Following winding trails, walking up and down hills and along an ancient volcanic crater, we arrive at our special campsite, deep in nature and far from civilization. As the sun sets, we are surrounded by an untouched nature, silence stretches out into the distant mountains. A long and beautiful day has come to an end and we are welcomed to the night by a chorus of barking gecko’s, in search of a mate for the night.
(Travel time: approx. 3 hrs, walking time: approx. 3- 4 hrs)
Campsite in Damaraland (FB)

Day 9: Walking along an eroded river valley in search of the Huab River
We wake to the smell of coffee, the first rays of sun sprawling across the vast red sandstone landscape that surrounds us. After a fine breakfast, our guide leads us in a northerly direction, walking along ancient animal trails toward the Huab River. The ephemeral rivers of north-western Namibia are considered the linear oasis of the Namib Desert, dry for most of the year but often in full flood during the rainy season, bringing huge amounts of water toward the Atlantic Ocean. Water means life and these rivers are a permanent haven of nutritious vegetation and reliable ground water for a large variety of wild animals.
We break for a picnic lunch under some large Camelthorn trees for a well-deserved rest. After a satisfying lunch, we continue in our safari vehicle on a game drive in search of desert-adapted elephant and other interesting animals in and along the Huab River. We return to camp in the late afternoon to enjoy a final Damaraland sundowner before preparing for another dinner under the brightest stars of the milky way.
(Travel time: approx. 3 hrs, walking time: approx. 5- 7 hrs)
Campsite in Damaraland (FB)

Day 10: Visit Twyfelfontein and proceed to Etosha National Park
While our camp is dismounted we enjoy the cool morning hours during our hike through valleys and smooth ridges towards Twyfelfontein where we visit the world-famous rock engravings. Twyfelfontein was appointed as a World Heritage Site in 2007, which we visit on a small guided tour. The name Twyfelfontein is Afrikaans and, means "dubious source". We then make a detour to the Burnt Mountain and the Organ Pipes, which are just around the corner. Here, about 130 million years ago, when South America separated from southern Africa, glowing hot magma invaded upon underground rocks. After millions of years of erosion, these rocks have now come to the fore.
Then we move to the realm of wildlife, the Etosha National Park. A few kilometers from the entrance to the park is the entrance to our beautiful Toshari Lodge. Situated on a hill, restaurant and bungalows offer magnificent views of the African bushveld.
(Travel time: approx. 3.5 hrs, walking time: approx. 3 hrs)
Toshari Lodge (DBB)

Oryx EtoshaDay 11: Etosha National Park
Today our guide takes us into the park. The Etosha National Park is one of the biggest game reserves in the world and is considered one of the finest game parks in Africa. Along the way we see wildlife such as giraffes, kudu, zebra, oryx antelope, black-faced impala, wildebeest, springbok, ostrich and with a little luck elephants and lions at the various water holes. Huge herds of plains game remind us to drive slowly.
(Travel time: depending on the route of the game drive)
Toshari Lodge (DBB)

Day 12: To the Waterberg
In the morning we leave the wildlife of Etosha Park and drive to the Waterberg. The Waterberg is known for its particularly diverse flora, its rare animal species, and its magnificent scenery. The Waterberg Wilderness Lodge is beautifully situated on the farm Otjosongombe on the southern banks of the mountain. From the tastefully furnished rooms we can enjoy a magnificent view. In the afternoon we shall take one of the numerous walking trails to explore the flora of the area on our way to a fountain.
(Travel time: approx. 3 hrs, walking time: approx. 2 - 3 hrs)
Waterberg Wilderness Lodge (DBB)

Day 13: Drive to Windhoek
Today we take a hike to the high plateau of the Waterberg, where we see almost all trees and shrubs that exist in Namibia. Up here, there are also some animals such as kudu, buffalo and even rhino (rarely seen). The view from the plateau to the endless plains of the savanna is breathtaking. Then we go to Okahandja, where we visit the local wooden craft market. Then it goes to Okapuka, just outside Windhoek. The farm is 120 square kilometers with many game species such as rhino, sable antelope, eland, giraffe, wildebeest, kudu and springbok. We can relax by the pool, let the last day recap and take a rest before the long flight tomorrow.
(Travel time: approx. 3.5 hrs, walking time: approx. 3-4 hrs)
Okapuka Lodge (DBB)

Day 14: Departure
Unfortunately, this is when our Namibia holiday comes to an end. We drive to Windhoek, where we make a few impressions of Namibia's capital and may still be able to do some last-minute shopping (depending on the time of departure). Then we drive to the airport, where we will board the home bound plane.
(Travel time: approx. 1.5 hrs)

Participants minimum 4 and a maximum of 10

Meals and accommodations as stated (or similar)
Mineral water and snacks for the walking trails
Activities as stated and park entrance fees
Professional Tour guide in 4x4-Landcruiser or VW Crafter/Combi
BB = overnight with bed and breakfast
DBB = overnight with dinner, bed and breakfast
FB = full board

Own drinks and meals not mentioned
Activities not mentioned

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Accommodations are subject to change.

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