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We are a Namibia based tour operator specializing in unique and individual safaris.

Franzpeter Ackermann: Director and Tour Consultant
Andrew Bassingthwaighte: Director, Marketing, Guiding and Tour Consulting -
Therese Rebstein: Namibia Individual Travel, Switzerland – or

Franzpeter AckermanFranzpeter grew up in Switzerland. As a civil engineer, he spent 20 years in Namibia working on various projects, at the same time traveling and getting to know all the corners of this country. Apart from his passion for the large variety of fauna and flora to be found in Namibia, Franzpeter is interested in the various ethnic groups found in Namibia and its fascinating history. His various interests in Namibia have led to the guiding of special interest safaris and starting a tour operating business offering personal and specialized safaris to Namibia and beyond.

Andrew BassingthwaighteAndrew is a 6th generation Namibian. He grew up on a farm in Namibia and during this time got to know the various small and big animals to be found here. His passion for going “beyond” led to an education in South Africa, first at St Andrew’s College in Grahamstown and then at the University of Natal, Pietermartzburg. After working some years in Johannesburg, South Africa, he returned to Namibia to the wide open spaces that were calling him away from the city of gold. This led to many years of guiding special interest safaris and finally starting the tour business Namibia Individual Travel with Franzpeter.

NIT-teamKaren, Gabi, Ilona and Sabine run the NIT tour office that is based in Windhoek. They are responsible for the organization, booking and administration of all tours, guided and self-drive. They are focused on making each individual tour a “safari of a lifetime”, with an attention to detail and a desire to satisfy the exact wishes of each individual guest. No two tours are the same meaning that we are truly a tailor made safari company.
Photo, from left to right: Karen, Gabi, Ilona, Sabine.

Even though we have various fixed itineraries, we take pleasure in designing the tour to your exact requirements. You may choose a guided or a self-drive safari or you may combine a camping tour with a lodge safari or alternatively experience a fly-in safari. We also arrange and guide mountain biking and hiking/walking tours.

We run our own tours and also use other specialized freelance travel guides.
We have a booking agreement with SafariBookings as well.

Namibia Individual Travel –
Supporting and giving back to the Namibian communities that need it most.

Mammadù and Havana Soup Kitchen - Two charities we actively support.
It is our goal to become more environmentally friendly and to contribute to the well-being of disadvantaged Namibians. The two social projects we are currently promoting are Mammadù and the Havana soup kitchen. We support these two charities financially, and on request we bring guests there for a visit.

Mammadù Center

The Center hosts under- age children who live in states of abandonment and deprivation (children of destitute parents, HIV positive, abusing alcohol, etc.) and provides a safe and welcoming place where they receive food, can study and play away from external dangers.
They welcome 63 children and adolescents in two daily shifts:
Pre-school children, between the age of 4 and 6 who attend from 7:30 am to 1 pm in the morning
Older children, up to 13 years of age, who attend from 1 pm to 5:30 pm in the afternoon.
The Center is open from Monday to Friday throughout the year and is closed during summer school holidays (mid-December to mid-January).
The children are part of the Distant Support project sponsored by Mammadu Trust and Mammadu ONLUS. The remote support project is also promoted by Mammadu Germany e.V
Apart from providing the children with care and support, the activities of the Center benefit the children’s extended families (a number that varies from 6 to 8 members per family, which include other siblings, parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles).
The Ministry of Health and Social Services also uses the facilities at the Center to administer vaccines to the local community (minors and adults) as well as for other welfare activities.

Their most important objective is to provide for the children’s most basic needs so that they can grow into healthy individuals:

  • services to supply clean water and nutritional needs: breakfast, snack and lunch for the younger children, lunch and snack for the older ones
  • hygiene and personal care: showers, dental hygiene, haircuts and clothing
  • we teach them basic principles of health care
  • we organize medical examinations and emergency medical care as required

They provide instruction complementary to what is offered by the local education system so that the children can acquire a good level of education:
  • Mammadù Nursery School, officially accredited since June 2012, employs a Namibian teacher
  • Basic literacy classes
  • Study support and follow-up on school work
  • English language classes (many children do not speak English when they arrive at the Center) to prevent widespread inter-ethnical racism and provide a potential working tool for their future (tourism is a leading economic drive in the country)
  • We cover tuition fees at a private school for children with potential and outstanding talent
They offer a variety of activities:
  • Different games, important for the educational development of children;
  • Expressive game laboratories to help children elaborate on their life experiences which are often very difficult;
  • Sport activities such as rugby and soccer;
  • Once a month we organize trips to the city (for a rugby match, a museum or church visit, etc.) and during school holidays an outing (to the fire station, the airport, farms, etc.);
  • Once a year we organize a short vacation trip for the older children to different areas of Namibia, so they can get to know their home country. By broadening their experience we hope that the children may one day be able to use these to obtain employment and build a secure future for themselves.;
They have a minibus to take the children from school to the Center and from the Center back home.

The Havana Soup Kitchen

The Havana Soup Kitchen has been feeding children from the surrounding area since 2 June 2010.

Havana is an informal settlement with insufficient infrastructure on the outskirts of Windhoek. Tin shacks often house ten or more people and generally have no electricity, water or sewage systems. Unemployment is the biggest contributor to alcoholism, domestic violence and neglect of young children.

The Havana Soup Kitchen was created for the vulnerable children of Havana in Windhoek, Namibia. Currently, over 40 children are cared for and provided with two meals daily. They are also provided with a morning of loving care and basic education.

The children are taught life skills and are also prepared for school. Frieda and her team of volunteers supervise the children (age 3 to 6 years old) in a Kindergarten environment.

The Havana Soup Kitchen is in fact a kindergarten. Apart from the two meals that are provided to each child per day, the children are cared for and educated by volunteers from Germany.
Frieda identifies the neediest children in the community, all plagued by harsh domestic suffering, and includes them for the daily morning kindergarten program. The two nutritious meals these children receive at the Havana Soup Kitchen often are the only meals they receive that day.

Frieda Kemuiko Geiseb, started the Havana Soup Kitchen in 2010. Having a natural inclination to care and help her neighbors, Frieda quickly realized the extreme need for someone to take the initiative and stand up for the little children. The project has progressed to helping the most vulnerable children, thus providing them with the skills and nourishment for a better future. Living in Katutura, Frieda knows who needs the support.

How Can I help:
Visit the Mammadù website directly -
Visit the Havana Soup Kitchen directly -
View the Havana Soup Kitchen Flyer -

How Can I Contribute?
It costs about EUR 25.00to feed a child for a month. If you want to support the project and the children of Havana, you are welcome to donate.
We, from Namibia Individual Travel, will make sure that your support reaches the children directly. We take care of the shopping and deliver this and any other donations to the charity, e.g. clothes and educational toys.

Contact us to see how you can help!
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Office Phone: +264 61 255 919
Cellphone: +264 81 128 4900

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