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Come with us on a Namibia Safari to find the big 5 and explore the wide open spaces.

A Namibia safari with us is a once in a lifetime experience.

Apart from safaris in Namibia, we also offer safaris that travel to South Africa, Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe.
You have a number of choices available and can choose from a guided safari, a self-drive safari, a fly-in safari, a mountain bike or walking safari.

We have been offering Namibia safaris and tours since 2001 and have an efficient, knowledgeable and friendly team that can advise you of the most suitable safari options for you.

Be it a Namibia safari, a Botswana safari or a safari to a combination of southern African countries, we are there for you, to fulfill your every request.

Please have a look at the various safaris that we offer and/or contact us directly so that we can create a customized tour itinerary for you.

Latest News

Namibia Covid-19 update April 2021

13 Apr 2021
Travel to Namibia is on the increase, more and more airlines are returning to our country, there are regular and reliable flights from Johannesburg, Cape Town, Frankfurt and Addis Ababa. We are managing to offer safaris that include Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe, this made possible by effective and efficient covid...
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Shipwreck Lodge and the Skeleton Coast

18 Jan 2021 View
The Skeleton Coast is usually associated with shipwrecks and stories of sailors stranded on the beach, walking inland in search of water and food, only to succumb to the elements. The name however originates not from the bones of long-lost sailors but of the bones of long dead whales and seals that lie strewn...
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Covid-19 update 15 January 2021

15 Jan 2021 View
Tourism travel in Namibia is currently unrestricted. We have guests in all corners of the country, they are enjoying the warm summer weather and quiet roads and a little rain. Over the past year we have had very few lodge closures. As we have a limited number of airlines flying to Namibia and because...
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