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Come with us on a Namibia Safari to find the big 5 and explore the wide open spaces.

A Namibia safari with us is a once in a lifetime experience.

Apart from safaris in Namibia, we also offer safaris that travel to South Africa, Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe.
You have a number of choices available and can choose from a guided safari, a self-drive safari, a fly-in safari, a mountain bike or walking safari.

We have been offering Namibia safaris and tours since 2001 and have an efficient, knowledgeable and friendly team that can advise you of the most suitable safari options for you.

Be it a Namibia safari, a Botswana safari or a safari to a combination of southern African countries, we are there for you, to fulfill your every request.

Please have a look at the various safaris that we offer and/or contact us directly so that we can create a customized tour itinerary for you.

Latest News

Namibia Update October 2022

24 Oct 2022
Namibia is waiting for you in 2023! Covid updates are a thing of the past, currently there are much more important things to consider when planning your Namibia/southern Africa safari. We are noticing a trend in short notice bookings. This is no problem for us, we are happy to consider your wishes and will create a dream...
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Covid-19 Update 10 January 2022

10 Jan 2022
The Omicron virus has now traveled the world and to all of our relief, it does not seem so serious. We are relieved to say that we have had no cancellations over the past two months meaning that our guests traveled to and enjoyed their safaris with us. Wearing masks...
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Covid-19 Update 7 December 2021

08 Dec 2021
Covid-19 cases are again increasing in Namibia. We currently have an average of 200 new infections per day and this is increasing. It appears as if the Omicron variant has arrived in Namibia as it has in most countries in the world. Fortunately all the evidence thus far points to a milder infection than...
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