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Four ways to discover Namibia

Namibia is a beautiful country situated in south western Africa. It is a land of diverse cultures, vast desert landscapes and abundant wildlife. Due to its good infrastructure, friendly people and natural unspoiled wilderness, many guests return to Namibia for more than one visit.

For first time visitors a guided tour is recommended, although it is easy and fun to do a self-drive tour. Even though you may see more on a guided safari, it is also very special to fly between all the highlights of Namibia. Finally, for those with a sense of real adventure, it is an invigorating and very satisfying experience to ride a mountain bike along beautiful and scenic stretches of a guided safari.

Enjoy browsing the above four options!

Latest News

Namibia was and is completely free of Ebola

20 Jan 2015
Namibia was and is completely free of any signs of EbolaToday's blog focuses on a hot topic of the last few months: The outbreak of Ebola in West Africa.As you are no doubt aware, the outbreak of Ebola has been wreaking havoc West African nations such as Liberia, Sierra Leone...
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Christmas in Namibia

23 Dec 2014
Christmas in Namibia! If you haven't been to Namibia during the festive season before, it may come as a surprise to you that Christmas is celebrated much like it is in European countries. Especially the German flair is predominant in many homes and supermarkets (German cookies anyone?), which one can half expect seeing that Namibia was...
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